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In our consultancy


- we assess the environment for collaboration and

  understand your context.

- create clarity by defining shared values before

   engaging people in positive action

- build trust and create safe places for developing

  purpose and action

- help you to develop people as your key asset    

  through skills training and coaching

- empower and facilitate your self-reflection in

   your leadership development


I offer support to turn your challenges into success stories.


One-on-one executive coaching is an excellent tool for setting and achieving goals, building on successes, resolving short term issues and learning more about your craft.

In monthly sessions we will review your goals, discuss options for overcoming obstacles and spend a few minutes brainstorming on strategy. One-on-one coaching helps you stay focused, keeps you accountable for results and makes being the boss a little less lonely.

Here is how it works: We schedule one hour every month – the timing can be flexible.

You will discuss successes and failures and learn from both.


95 % of my assets drive out the gate every evening. It is my job to maintain a work environment that keeps those people coming back every morning.

Jim Goodnight, CEO SAS


Leadership Consultancy

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