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Thomas Riedmuller
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Smart Skills 

are those behaviours, attitudes and language skills which enable you to build trust and team spirit at work. They are uncommon in today's highly competitive and ego-based culture.


Smart Skills include active and reflective listening, using

'I'-statements which emphasise taking responsibility for our words, thoughts and emotions (as opposed to 'You'-statements which tend to express judgements, attribute blame, and avoid responsibility).

They also include a growing awareness and sensitivity for how your own actions and words affect others when you make decisions, facilitate change, and 'build bridges' across divides.


When you learn and use Smart Skills you will develop your leadership skills, contribute to a more effective and harmonious team as well as using inevitable conflicts as a tool for positive change and learning.


TRCommunication offers


  • Training in Smart Skills (for individual employees, supervisors, managers, teams)


  • Smart Skills Services (facilitating team development and resolving conflicts)


  • Consultancy for positive and ambitious change in your company culture, tailored to your needs 

        and goals.

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