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Conflict Resolution Processes, tailored to your situation.

This can be in the workplace or in a family between


  • - 2 individuals

  • - complex team situations

  • - organisational issues that require

  •    attention to relationships as well    

  •    as structural change to learn from

  •    conflicts and prevent unnecessary

  •    friction.


When a team hits a 'brick wall', the task is important and giving up not an option, our skillful facilitation will help to turn things around.


We engage with you to clearly define the objectives with all participants prior to the meeting. They typically include:


  • - repairing trust between team members

  •    clarifying goals and responsibilities of team

  •    members

  • - improving accountability of all those involved        

  •   in the project

  • - building on strengths and moving forward in a    

  •   positive way.


Contact us for a free 15 min. consultancy.O

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