Avoiding the Cost of Conflict

Do You Face Any of These Issues?


  • - Does conflict escalate because leaders fail to recognize the signs?

  • - Do leaders know what to do when a conflict is affecting    

  •    productivity or morale?

  • - Do leaders have the skills to mediate a conflict when emotions are    strong?

  • - Are your leaders able to help employees take accountability for    

  •    their role in conflict?


This training helps leaders:


  • - Reduce the damaging effects of workplace conflict on individuals,  

  •    groups, and the organisation.

  • - Effectively address workplace conflict and enhance productivity,

  •    efficiency, and morale.

  • - Help others take responsibility for resolving their own conflicts.

  • - Promote a culture of trust and mutual respect within their work    

  •    group.


A leadership position challenges you to develop as a person.

Awareness of issues around communication and power is crucial

to transform and integrate diverse views in your organisation and team.


You will become more effective and successful with people in your care.

Leadership and Conflict Resolution Training