Leadership Training



increase collaboration, avoid costs of conflict, boost productivity


Benefits to the Organisation:


Our leadership training


- dove-tails into the ethos of your organisation (e.g. mission

   and value statements)

- reduces dysfunctional conflict

- increases team performance and creativity

- is an investment into your bottom line.


Participants of this training will be able to:


- communicate more effectively

- deliver criticism constructively (e.g. at performance reviews)

- delegate and supervise more successfully

- facilitate meetings more efficiently

- overcome victim mentality in themselves and staff

- motivate team members and bring them on board

- use conflicts as opportunities to learn and progress

- manage their emotions and avoid burn-out


This training can be delivered to 8 – 20 participants


- in-house or

- in an external venue together with participants from other



All our trainings are experiential and focus on developing practical skills.