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Harmony in the Workplace

Particularly for organisations and companies in the areas of education, health care and hospitality (including schools, hotels, catering companies, restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes).


Research shows that in these environments harmony in the workplace has an immediate and direct influence on the people you serve.


Investment in harmonious relationships in the workplace is crucial for providing a service of excellence.


Training benefits:


- more efficiency and less friction in your team

- less complaints from customers and service users

- higher customer satisfaction and return rate

- more effective communication


Training content:

- Build Trust and Teamwork


- Become more Positive, Productive and Effective


- Stop Gossip, Bickering and In-Fighting


- Find ways to "Respond" rather than to "React"


- Eliminate Workplace Drama and the "Victim/Blame Game"


- Create a more Caring and Respectful workplace


- Develop Positive Attitudes, Cooperation and Personal



- Decrease Stress and Staff Burnout



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